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Typography Basics


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Typography is King!

Typography is the best way to communicate tone, mood and style when it comes to your brand identity. Keeping everything consistent may seem like a small task, but to do it correctly it takes years to perfect! There are small simple basics to typography that everyone should know to keep their brand on point.


Justify Left:

Always justify rag left to keep the text simple and clean. Once you start to get the hang of typography after years of practice or taking some courses from some top level designers keep it simple. Keeping on line straight keeps the viewer from wandering around and makes it easy to understand and read carefully.


Use One Typeface:

This is for a beginner, but it does have merit in the fact that using one typeface forces you to add contrast through type-weight and size. Never use two of the same type classifications such as two serif fonts, two sans-serif fonts to avoid similarity. You want contrast! 


Skip A Weight:

In the world of typography contrast is king which seems to be a theme in this post for a reason. When uses a typeface from light to medium light or something similar there is not enough of a difference to show the viewer a change. Go from light to bold to give the viewer a simply understanding that this is more important.


Double Point Size:

As in the last example of skipping weights to make a contrast evident, making the point size double conveys the difference in a header to a paragraph font. Remember to keep it simply and a lot of contrast to everything. So always double the font size when going from a header of a section to the paragraph underneath it keeping the reader to not have to guess.


Grid it Up:

Make sure when building any layout to always use a grid. The worst thing you can do that will drive any creative director or client up a wall is having to look across a page to two paragraphs that are off by half an inch. When you want to go from beginner to a master with typography remember the masters use a grid to align vertically and horizontally. Do not break the grid until you have mastered the grid and know when the ability to break it creates the perfect highlight to a design.


Pick Any Typeface:

Try and stick to these in the beginning and even when you evolve stay with the typefaces that have been perfected over years instead of an afternoon. Avenir, Avant Garde, Bodoni, Brandon Grotesque, Caslon, Claredon, Din Mittelschrift, Franklin Gothic, Futura, Garamond, Gills Sans, Gotham, Helvetica, Memphis, Meta, Montserrat, Rockwell, Trade Gothic, Univers.


Give it White Space:

When laying out a design give amble white space on the sides. When you have given space on the sides increase it once more to be sure. Until you have mastered the technique of going off the paper keep it inside and provide the viewer with white space to calm the eye. Always remember that the first rule of typography is to allow the reader to read the document clearly and easily. Too much clutter on a page ruins the read and can cause serious problems with the functionality of the document to which you are designing.

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