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What We Offer

We are excited to work with you on your next business. We only work with the most dedicated and passion-oriented businesses. Brand Identity is a two way street and it will take a lot of collaboration to create a beautiful end product. Let’s get started today!

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• Discovery & Research

• UX Design

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Positioning

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Brand Identity

• Brand Development

• Style Guides

• Packaging

• Marketing Collateral

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• Web Design & Development


• Protyping

• Wireframing

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We develop custom WordPress themes from scratch to match your specfic web needs. Customized graphics and photography if needed or stock photography we can order.


We love design and would not be in the position we are without extensive knowledge of how to make your comapny stand out. With over 10 years experience we are your agency.


Brand Identity is what we are known for and what we will be for you. We have a step by step process that we have created over the last 10 years to get you to find your company’s purpose.

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Ian beautifully designed a logo, business cards, and a website for my counseling practice that people complement me on all the time. The biggest reason I recommend Glassbeard is due to Ian’s ability to thoroughly understand each customer’s needs, and where the heart of their vision is. Ian listens intently to your needs, designs a website & branding that you will love, is easy to navigate, and is forward thinking. Thank you!

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Are You Ready To Create A Focused Brand?

At GlassBeard Media we don’t assume anything. We listen to identify your pain points to solve your specific business needs.

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