Scammers Targeting Graphic Companies so BEWARE!

All graphic design companies beware of scammers attacking your business. These scammers are trying to get you sucked into doing a job for them and then turning around and getting you to pay thousands of dollars. I was recently attacked by a scammer that was looking for website design work. I understood what he was trying to do very quickly, but I wanted to entertain the scam in order to give my fellow colleagues some well need information to keep you safe.

Watch Out for This Email

The first thing they will do is send an email that seems well enough trying to get you to respond back to them about getting a quote for a website design proposal.

Good morning,
How are you doing an hope your weekend was awesome,I wanna know if you can handle website design for a new company and also if you do you accept credit cards?

Abundant Blessing

From hereI was in meetings all day and did not get back to my house until later in the day when I received a phone call from a (347) area code. This seemed odd since most of my work comes from San Antonio as a (210) area code. It was Josh from the email which made it seem even more legit since I was speaking with an actual human being. The phone call was short and it was extremely hard to understand what he was saying. He wanted me to get the proposal over to him ASAP and if we could just text instead of calling which to I agreed.

The Proposal

I sent the proposal over to Josh in the morning outlining the details of the website, cost and timeline for him and his company members to look over. I got a notice back within 10 minutes saying the price was good. If someone agrees to a contract this fast with no push back on price you either charged way too less or the client is scamming you. He also sent stipulations on how to make the payments which is when the scam showed through.

Hello Friedel,
Thanks for your response, I am okay with the estimate everything sound good and i’m ready to make payment now with my credit card, I understand the content for this site would be needed so work can start asap but i will need a Little favor from you and the favor is that I will send you my credit card to charge for the sum of $7,100.00 plus 3% Cc company charges, You will deduct $3,000.00 for the design of the website plus extra $100.00 as a tip for handling perfect work for me and you will send the remaining $4,000.00 to the project consultant that has the text content and the logo for my website so once he receive the $4,000.00 he would send the text content and logo needed for my website to you so work can start asap,Sending of funds would be after money clears into your account, So you ready for my card # now ? or will you send me an invoice to make the payment ? what type of card merchant do you to process payment ?Kindly get back to me so we can proceed with payment asap.


Once this message was sent it was obvious to me that it was a SCAM, but I wanted to see for everyone in this same predicament that may not have seen this as a scam what to do.

Always use a third party payment system!

I asked him I could not do that but I could set-up a PayPal account that we could use to start the contract with and complete at the end of the project. He gave the excuse that PayPal always charges him double when doing payments and if we could just do it this once it would help him out. Make sure to always stick to your guns and never do anything you are not comfortable with because most of the time your gut is correct. He then proceeded to text me constently about using a system called Vantiv

I checked out the reviews on this website which were horrible and full of scam reviews. Always check on reviews before using a system you yet to use on a normal basis. Always be aware of anyone trying to push you into something quickly and harassing you to make a quick decision. Most scammers are looking for easy targets and unfortunately that is typically designers that are in need of money. Please be careful and really look into anyone you are signing a contract with today or tomorrow.