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Presenting Your Logo Design


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Presenting logo is a science, not an art

Remember, if the logo is the product, the presentation is the packaging.

Clients are not creative directors. So stop treating them as such. Manage and control revisions for the logo process. You are selling the client on your logo. 

Steps to present correctly

  1. Solid discovery phase is primary.
    • You want to make sure that you are speaking with a brand strategist to develop a solid story for your business. Creating a narrative that will build the identity of the brand is a key component before every starting the visual identity process.
  2. Take collaborative steps
    • Make sure you have concrete steps when creating your discovery process. Make sure that the client is lead through a series of steps. The way to sell your professionalism is to showcase that you are a serious business with more than knowledge, but a script to help create a strong and unified selling proposition.
  3. Stylescapes
    • Basically this is your basic style guide that you or a designer would put together for you. This walks you through your brand position through keywords to get to your logotype, color palette, typography, etc.
  4. Mockup the logos


Start at the beginning for logo presentation.

“Our goal is to build a new visual identity that…” Insert the pain point that you discussed with the client or the objective that you were hoping to attain with your rebrand.

Reliving the pain point points the client back into the buying mentality. A powerful tool for approvals. Also making sure that the client can not go against himself in the meeting of the words and opinions they had when going through the discovery process. Put them back in the same place they were when they were in the discovery process. Keep them on track before jumping into the logo designs.

Recap the steps you have taken together.

“Before we dig in to the work, let’s take a step back and review…” Show them a slide with all the important words and phrases associated with the rebrand. Even showing the process of how you both got to the the same final phrase that describes their new identity. Even show the mood board that you have created in the discovery session. Go through the stylescape as well.

Display your work.

  1. When presenting chose the top three logo designs and use those and only those to present to your client. Do not present more because you will overwhelm and diminish your logo designs overall. Showing more logo designs seems as those 
  2. Explain your thoughts about each design. If your logo has a story and data to back up your claims your client is going to see your work as professional and legit. Know the logo is good when you go in. If there’s one logo you dislike and don’t feel it fits the narrative than you should scrap it and go back to design another version. Nervous energy when presenting can come across easily in a meeting.
  3. Show the relationship between your design and the inspiration you pulled from the mood board or some of your research. Show the arch of transformation to give a visual story to the client. This will create an increasing advantage in trying to sell a logo design.
  4. Slide Layout
    • First slide should have logo on white background with a lot of negative space.
    • Second slide is split screen with white logo on black background and black logo on white background. No color should be presented on this slide.
    • Third slide is collection of standard mockups. Use elements from discovery to keep consistent with brand. Imagery is consistent.
    • Fourth Slide is a collection of small format mockups. Pencils, hats small corporate icons on tshirts, or social media icons.
    • Fifth Slide is large format mockups. Billboards, side of building, and within the store on the wall or something.
    • Sixth Slide is the logo again on a white background to finish the slides and showcase the understanding of the final logo and keep it simple on their mind.
  5. Repeat these slides for the other two logos.
  6. Compare the three logos on a slide at the end. Don’t show this slide unless necessary. I have this to make sure if the client asks for it I have it, but I don’t like to show apples to apples if possible.


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