8 Step Process to Brand Development

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Our Process

We are all about time efficiency with the design process. We have created a 28 day brand design process that gets you from start to finished logo, texture, typography, colors and imagery in a packaged style guideline in 28 days. We love being creative, but without organization and efficiency our clients will not be able to conduct their business and start to use our designs quickly.

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Brand Strategy Session & Moodboard

We will have the first of two strategy sessions to find your companies why. We will walk through a series of 25 questions to understand your business to where we can put together a process and visual identity specific for your company. We will also start to put together a moodboard to define where your visuals and content match.

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Second Brand Strategy Session & Final Moodboard

After taking a day to process our discussion on day one and filling out the details of your moodboard we will meet together one last time to solidify the visuals and get ready to put together the logo design. In this session we will also solidify the idea for the icon to be created and the type of logo we will start to create. Getting everyone on the same page will cut down on time and revisions.

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First Round of Logo Design

After going through all the strategy sessions and created our moodboard we will take your brand identity to create your first piece, your logo design. We will present you three logo designs that are based on the content we discussed. We will have the logo presented mainly in black and white to secure that the structure of the logo is correct. We will go through a few applications where your logo will be represented to give you an idea of how it might be applied in your industry. If any adjustments or changes need to be made they will be taken care of in the next two sessions, if needed, for revisions.

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Second Round of Logo Revisions & Secondary logo

If needed this session will go through the alterations to one of the logos presented on day twelve. This is usually a quick session to discuss the small changes for your primary logo design. At this point in the process we will also present the secondary logo design that will be used to enhance your brand awareness in coordination with your identity. The secondary logo may not be necessary depending on your industry, but we can provide as needed.

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Final Logo Revisions

This session is not typically needed, but we have ready if necessary to make tiny adjustments to the structure of the primary logo design. Once agreed upon with the primary logo we may proceed to the next steps. If revisions are not needed we can move our timeline up to finish the visual identity in a faster timeframe.

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Color Palette, Typography, Textures & Logo Variations

Your business will be presented with your color palette which will be an either 5 to 7 colors depending on the package your choose. Typography will be presented with a header font, content font and depending on your package a special header font giving you a real presence for your brand moving forward. Textures presented will be 1 to 3 depending on your package. Textures are a neglected piece of brand’s identity, yet are so important in creating a true feeling behind your identity. Also presented today will be your logo in a horizontal format for digital navigation and your logo in a vertical format for marketing collateral. Having your logo defined in two separate ways will create consistency across all platforms that your logo will be used. 

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Collateral Pieces Assembled

Depending on the package chosen we will assemble the collateral pieces. This is typically a straight forward process now that we have established your visual identity and proves that having a great design system in place will cut down on time and money. The final payment of the visual identity package will be due as well.

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Style Guide Delivered

We will deliver your final style guide to you on the final day of the month. If you have the premium package you will receive a printed version of your style guide for your company to have and display. With the style guide, printed or digital, you will receive all your files on a digital storage drive for you to access at all times. Your files will be your property, so we provide everything in the indesign, illustrator and photoshop files to do with as you wish. A long with the working files you will be provided with each element saved for your use as JPG, PNG, PDF and EPS files.

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Are You Ready To Create A Focused Brand?

At GlassBeard Media we don’t assume anything. We listen to identify your pain points to solve your specific business needs.

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