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Staying Motivated


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Motivated for Success

There are times when designers come up to me and ask that they only have boring clients. They say I want to have big brands that are doing amazing things, but I am stuck with small clients that won’t do anything. The difference between a designer that is able to get their clients to do incredible things and those that can’t is effort. As a designer in this day and age you have to stay motivated to go the extra mile and show your clients how your ideas can improve their business.

When your clients are putting the stop signs up for your ideas that you believe will take them to the next level you need stay motivated to show them not tell them. When you are a smaller design company many clients will not have a lot of confidence because of your lack of work, so you will need to go the extra mile to convince them. Create a proposal that explains the benefits and a few examples of how the design will work for them. Going the extra mile with a few of your early clients will start to get your name out there with other bigger agencies and clients.

Make Sure Your Business is Motivated for Success

The number one thing to remember is that when you are proposing ideas and concepts to a client the first thing a client will do is look at your success. Your success will make them motivated to accept your proposal, past clients and your website. If you are proposing SEO development, but you are on the third page of Google then your client will not be able to trust your delivery. The good and bad thing about a graphic design business is that you are transparent with your work. Clients can see what to expect without having to spend weeks waiting for the first installment, so creating effective work on your website will go a long way.

Always Be Professional

No matter the size of the company you are working for always be professional and on-time with everything. When I go to see a client I always wear a suit and show up 10-15min before my appointment. When I arrive I have my computer with ideas already thought out of how I can improve their business and a pen/paper to be ready for notes. Never underestimate a business for any reason. My best advice is to always stay motivated when working with clients. As designers we can get high and mighty quickly if we notice that the font looks ugly making us believe the company is terrible. Always listen first to your clients and really understand their business first before trying to make every company look like Nike or Apple. Listen to their needs, understand their clientele, and their motivation. Limit your time on Dribble/Pinterest and take some time to reflect on your client. We can get to focused on making each client look sleek and sophisticated when they are a small business in a rural location. Stay focused on the brand and success will come!


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