Do You Want to Leave The Future of Your Brand in the Hands of Your Cousin Who Learned PhotoShop Last Week?


We have all experienced the effects of a do-it-yourself brand. People will judge your ability to provide the solution they are seeking based on their first impressions of your business, both online and off. Don’t risk turning away potential clients with an unprofessional brand.

What Will A Brand Do For My Company?

Branding Gets Recognition

Branding is important to a business is because it is how a company gets recognition and becomes known to the consumers. The logo is the most important element of branding, especially where this factor is concerned, as it is essentially the face of the company. This is why a professional logo design should be powerful and easily memorable, making an impression on a person at first glance. Printed promotional products are a way of getting this across.

Generate Customers

A good brand will have no trouble drumming up referral business. Strong branding generally means there is a positive impression of the company amongst consumers, and they are likely to do business with you because of the familiarity and assumed dependability of using a name they can trust. Once a brand has been well-established, word of mouth will be the company’s best and most effective advertising technique.

Create Trust

A professional appearance and well-strategized branding will help the company build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal. Being properly branded gives the impression of being industry experts and makes the public feel as though they can trust your company, the products and services it offers and the way it handles its business.

Increase Value

Branding is important when trying to generate future business, and a strongly established brand can increase a business’ value by giving the company more leverage in the industry. This makes it a more appealing investment opportunity because of its firmly established place in the marketplace.

Employee Retention

When an employee works for a strongly branded company and truly stands behind the brand, they will be more satisfied with their job and have a higher degree of pride in the work that they do. Working for a brand that is reputable and help in high regard amongst the public makes working for that company more enjoyable and fulfilling. Having a branded office, which can often help employees feel more satisfied and have a sense of belonging to the company, can be achieved through using promotional merchandise for your desktop.

Support Advertising

Advertising is another component to branding, and advertising strategies will directly reflect the brand and its desired portrayal.

What Do Our Customers Think?

The entire process was smooth and there were no surprises. This was something I’d been avoiding, but they actually made the process fun. Couldn’t be happier! I had a wonderful experience with GB for my rebrand. He understood the business aspect of what I was trying to accomplish with the change, did the research for my new competition and delivered a visual representation that perfectly aligned with my new messaging and audience. He was timely, a great communicator, and I could feel he was personally invested in the project. It was quite a different experience than work I’ve had done with freelance websites in the past. Really glad I found this place.

Zahra Cruzan

Owner, Brand Author

Myths About Branding



We Can Do It Ourselves

We have all experienced the effects of a do-it-yourself brand. People will judge your ability to provide the solution they are seeking based on their first impressions of your business, both online and off. Don’t risk turning away potential clients with an unprofessional brand.

MYTH # 2

We Can’t Afford It

Professionally branding designed costs money, but it may cost your business more if you do not have a high-quality visual identity. Creating a logo that is not aligned with your vision, values, target audience and positioning could cause confusion in the market.


We Don’t Need A Brand

Since more people search for products and services online, you absolutely need a quality visual identity for your web presence.You can let it be developed for you through reviews or competition, or you can take control and manage it to your advantage. Your choice.

Your Clear Path

We utilize a 28 day process to create a brand that stands out in your industry, improves employee moral, lends itself to creative advertising and creates a standard of excellence. Your business will no longer compete on price!

01. Know Your Brand

You will start off with a brand questionnaire to get you thinking about how your brand needs to be set up.

02. Discovery Session

You will go through two discovery sessions lasting about 2-3 hours each to understand the importance of who you are targeting, what are your goals with this new brand and how you want to be viewed in the marketplace.

03. Bridge The Gap

Together we will create a moodboard to help connect your vision with the vision we believe will identify with your ideal client. You are always looking to identify to your clients wishes and we help you create a brand that will empathize with your client.

04. Create Your Beacon

Once we have created a clear foundation for you and your team GlassBeard will begin to create the visual identity for you. Creating the logo is the beacon for your brand and that is where we will start for you. You will receive 3 logo variations from which you and your team will choose one to move forward with.

05. Color Palette

As the logo is finalized your brand can begin to take shape. From here you will receive the color palette to create the soul of the brand. Colors are intricate in the development of the brand and we look deep into the analytics of this to present your team with the ideal colors to promote your brand in the marketplace.

06. Fill Out The Brand

Typography, textures and icons round out the brand to emphasize all the feelings of the brand. You want to experience a brand from every platform and medium, so we make sure your brand has the legs to carry you by providing the tools to extend your vision. In this stage of the process you will begin to be surrounded by the essence of your brand and it will become a whirlwind of emotions to see your baby begin to develop.

07. Photography Style

Your photography is left to the end of the project in order to facilitate the brand promise. Having the foundation completely built will give rise to the photography we create for your brand. Photography needs to enhance the brand from the colors to the message we are trying to promote. Photography takes all the pieces of the puzzle putting them together to showcase the incredible mission of your brand.

08. Collateral Pieces

To continue to extend the life of your brand we include several collateral pieces to get your company launched in the right direction. A foundation is great, but as the ambassador of your brand you want to see it in action. Collateral pieces such as business cards, social media headers & profile pictures, podcast covers, sales sheets, packaging or marketing materials.

09. Staying Consistent

Consistency is everything so you will be given a style guide to sum up our work during this process to make sure you have a blueprint to how your brand should run into the future. A style guide gives rules for your logo, imagery, textures, colors and content to help your team organize marketing, advertising, and content campaigns throughout the life of your brand.

10. Future Use

We create a brand style guide that stays with the company for the life of the brand. We create living documents that will be able to grow and develop along with the team. Always know that the brand is a living, breathing entity and should be aloud to gain knowledge through the life of the company.

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