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GlassBeard Media is an award winning published design firm.

We solve visual identities lost in the clutter of competition by using brand strategy analytics to target our clients ideal customers because I believe visual identity elicits an emotional response to manifest lifelong customers. Our goal at GlassBeard is to create an environment that opens up our clients creative vision. We ask tons of questions when we meet our clients and our main focus is to listen and understand their pain points. At GlassBeard we never assume anything when sitting down with our clients. Their journey to their business is unique to them and makes them the expert in their industry. Our key focus is to take their expertise to turn it into a unique brand that stands out in this complex world. We started this business to give businesses the opportunity to achieve dreams well beyond their imagination. We dream big and our customers need to as well. We are selective in our work because we want to know that you are dedicated to the development and care of your future. Every project is a journey for us and we would love to start your journey today.

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Teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to design highly profitable ventures.
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