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Brand Identity with Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek had the amazing TED talk discussing the golden circle of brand identity. He asks the question that most companies never look deeply into these days. Why you are running your company? Simon speaks about the three sections of the branding marketplace in his TED talk. How you will sell your product, what is your product, and the golden question of why are you are selling your product.


Think about the initial question about brand identity. It seems easy with the answer being to MAKE MONEY, but are customers really going to come to your website to spend time out of their day to purchase your product with their own money just to get you paid? No it will never happen! You have to create a brand that people are going to belief in whole heartedly that they will choose your company over everyone else in the same industry. Simon Sinek speaks about Apple for the simple reason that they answer these three golden questions in a order that flips every other company on their head putting them as the pack leader.

Question the Process:

  1. Why – This is the core belief of the business. It’s why the business exists.

  2. How – This is how the business fulfills that core belief.

  3. What – This is what the company does to fulfill that core belief.


Start from the inside out like Apple you can see why people would purchase an Apple product not based on statistics or quality of product by doing weeks of research, but instead with from a gut feeling that they can not seem to explain. I hate to break it to you, but that is simply put…branding. Explain your core belief in one sentence and create consistent visuals around said belief you can bring your clients into your world and control the way they see you. You can create hundreds of designs and color palettes with beautiful logos and they will all be seen as amazing, but until you can connect the visuals with a belief you will never have a top brand that people can connect with and get behind.


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