What the hell is a brand & why do I need one?

What the hell is branding? Advertising: Advertising is the brief and repeated communication with an audience. It is screaming at anyone who will listen to get them excited to see more. Advertising is your first attempt to grab a consumer off the shelf. Marketing:...

Presenting Your Logo Design

Presenting logo is a science, not an art Remember, if the logo is the product, the presentation is the packaging. Clients are not creative directors. So stop treating them as such. Manage and control revisions for the logo process. You are selling the client on your...

Create a Custom Template in InDesign

How to create a custom template in Adobe InDesign CC 2017. InDesign is a great tool to use for creating magazines, postcards, posters or any printable document. Remember that InDesign is a tool and is only as good as your imagination.

Scammers Targeting Graphic Design

All graphic design companies beware of scammers attacking your business. These scammers are trying to get you sucked into doing a job for them and then turning around and getting you to pay thousands of dollars.

Staying Motivated

The difference between a designer that is able to get their clients to do incredible things and those that can’t is effort. As a designer in this day and age you have to stay motivated to go the extra mile and show your clients how your ideas can improve their business.

Layout and Composition

Composition is all about grid layout and white space. Learning these essential tools along with a few other elements will allow you to take your designs to the next level. Make sure to study these concepts extremely well because they are basis for everything.

Typography Basics

Typography is the best way to communicate tone, mood and style when it comes to your brand identity. Keeping everything consistent may seem like a small task, but to do it correctly it takes years to perfect!

What is Brand Identity?

What is Brand Identity and Visual Identity?
A brand comes down to what people think of your company through their own eyes. Visual Identity is basically the same idea, but solely the visual aspects of the brand identity.